Trade Finance

ECMR is a trade finance expert providing cash flow solutions for businesses. We help SMEs seeking trade finance facilities.

In fact, many business owners have had to suffer the long and complicated process of putting a finance application to their bank. At ECMR, we have a good relationship with local and foreign banks and know who can offer what type of funding to whom. So, banks who work with us make the process clearer, faster and easier.

Our service provides initial negotiations with the markets through to final completion - professionally and confidentially. Our consultant analyses your exact requirements and provides you with the best solution to your particular financing problem or opportunity. Our expertise covers all aspects of trade finance as below:

  • Asset Based Lending
  • Invoice Financing
  • Account Receivables Factoring
  • Import & Export Financing
  • Stock Finance

Our consultant can prepare the package for factoring your debtor book, providing trade finance and assist with the structuring of applications for the SME loan and even finance your business contracts with a purchase order finance facility.

Our independence means we can access a number of business finance options usually offering a range of choices instead of the narrow range of options available at your bank.

With all the services we provide, we aim to investing in confidential and close business relationships with you. Only in this way can we determine the most appropriate financing strategy for your needs. Funding is arranged through banks, financial companies and private investors.

All in all, ECMR is the best source you will need for any type of business financing. Working regularly with us, we'll quickly becomes your private funding solution.